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3 Types of Shoes to Avoid When You Have an Audition

3 Types of Shoes to Avoid When You Have an Audition 

Fashion website emphasizes how men’s shoes are like their eyes; however, instead of it being the windows to their soul, it’s the windows to their style. If you’re a guy and are looking to impress during a go-see or an audition, you should put a premium on your taste in style – starting with your shoes.

More than anything, looking good on the outside reverberates within. In addition, it’ll help build your self-confidence, which will lead to total positivity and a brighter outlook on life. Yes, it’s still important to treat people well, be courteous, and be a perfect gentleman – the whole nine yards. But you can’t reach that certain stage of stardom without knowing and understanding how to dress appropriately.

There are millions of shoes worldwide with varied styles and for every occasion. Canadian fashion website Lyst differentiates them by design; from the formal oxfords to the casual Converse high tops, by price from footwear under $700 to those below $300, and by the many seasons we encounter annually. With all the nuances involved, you can easily determine which shoes remain up-to-date, the types that complement your style, and the designs that build self-esteem. On the contrary, it’s also imperative to know the types of shoes to avoid.

All things considered, here’s a rundown of men’s shoes that should be kept in the closet or – better yet – discarded completely:

“Killer” Crocs


It’s no surprise; first on the list are those ultra comfortable yet highly unfashionable Crocs. This colorful rubber footwear with closed toes and heel straps may seem like the perfect summer item, but it’s a definite no-no in general. Of course there may come a time when you’ll audition for a summer commercial, requiring you to wear the right outfit for the occasion. There are a lot of alternatives out there, starting with a simple pair of sneakers.

Dad Shoes


Speaking of sneakers, at all cost, avoid wearing the 407 and 409 models of New Balance. Not only do these kicks reflect a ‘father figure’ from every angle, they’re also out-of-date and out-of-style. Unless you’re auditioning for a daytime soap opera dad role, leave these at home and invest in a new pair of shoes. But if your loyalty is still with the brand, try and find an outfit that accentuates their retro look.

Grungy Chucks


This isn’t exactly disapproving of the brand or the style; it’s more of a friendly advice on proper grooming. Since you aim to make a good initial impression without going overboard, you can still wear timeless Chuck Taylors but make sure they’re clean and neat. The classic Converse sneakers are actually one of the go-to footwear of men around the world. It’s not too bulky like the 409s yet it’s close to the comfort Crocs offer without losing style. The official site of the New York Film Academy suggests that during an audition, you don’t want to be noticed for all the wrong reasons, so Chucks – in a way – treads that fine line between blending in and standing out.

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