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A Special Shout Out – Eva’s Original Chimneys

Today we have a special shout out to a wonderfully family member of Carolyn’s Model and Talent, Kristin Butler, who is founder of Eva’s Original Chimneys, and is also Carolyn’s daughter. Kristin’s business has been booming and Carolyn is just one proud momma! Kristin recently had an article published about her business, which you can read here.

From Carolyn to Kristin;
So so so proud of my daughter Kristin and her husband Justin!
Kristin, I read the article and I am so touched that all my teachings of how important it is to have good health and eat right and know what goes into your body has made you into the wonderful person you are today, very caring, loving . You and Justin have used your knowledge from growing up to create a healthy treat that we all can enjoy! So so proud of you both! It is a mothers greatest joy to know that she has instilled lasting values in their children! So proud of both of you!

Kristin Justin

Carolyn is so proud of her daughter and so is the team here at Carolyn’s, we hope our old co-worker is enjoy life and work! Like it should be! If you’re ever in downtown Toronto this summer and near Union Station go check out Chimneys! This summers BEST and healthiest snack food, seriously it’s insane I had one on the weekend and all I want is Chimneys for breakfast lunch and dinner…yes I have a problem.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.48.54 PM
Breakfast Television! OMG so cool! Everyone needs to tune in!

Last but not least make sure to visit Chimneys Website for anything you may want to know about their delicousness-ness.

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