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Agent and Talent Relations

Agent and Talent Relations

What does a talent agent look for in talent representation.

The problems that face the industry today in the business as a talent agent is a sense of entitlement!   New talent must take charge of their careers.   The agents responsibility is to negotiate contracts and get the best rates for their talent.   Their job is also to screen talent to make sure they are good fit for the agency and their clients.   Talent is representing the agency.  Agents want their talent to be professional, arrive on time and be responsible, grateful and appreciative.

Talent must have great attitudes, and have a flexible schedule.

Agents are extremely busy submitting talent on a daily basis, reading castings, scripts etc.   They take a lot of time to submit the proper talent to the casting directors and their clients.  They do not have a lot of time to chit chat!   Time is important in the talent business, castings come in and must be submitted on right away!  Clients want to do their castings and move on to the next job.

Our agents work very hard on behalf of our talent   24/7, there are no holidays  except Christmas , when the industry pretty much shuts down during Christmas and New Years.  Our job is submit talent with the right specs to our clients.

Castings are very specific,  it is important for an agent to understand the requirements and need of the client to best select the right talent to be submitted, it can take a lot of thought! Remember an agents job is 50% and talent is the other 50%.  Talent must be constantly working on their craft and keeping in touch with their agent.  Talent must notify their agent of   new projects they have secured, classes and there photos must be current. Remember your photo is what a client will see first , make a good impression!!!

Your agent can direct you and help you achieve success!  But, you must adhere to their advice and don’t be a know it all!!!! Agents and Talent are people, and most people like to be treated with respect. A Positive and respectful approach is a winning combination on both sides!

Agents make money when you work!  Remember even major celebrities are only as good as the job they are booked in at that time. Once that production is completed, they are looking for their next gig!  Always be grateful, and keep your feet planted on the ground!  Remember Quitters never win, and Winners never quit!  You must have the passion to follow your path and achieve success, only YOU can make that happen!

Carolyn’s Model and Talent Agency makes sure that their talent get work, and work that they will succeed at. Make sure to follow us on our social media so you get all the updates about what’s going on with us! We let you know what’s going with out clients, talent, and any events going on in the business!

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