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5 Voice Acting Tips

Voice Acting Tips We’re happy to provide the following voice acting tips. But voice-over work comes in many varieties; commercials, audio books, video games, corporate training, conversational, metro systems, and animated characters. All of these job opportunities require a real…

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How To Audition for Netflix

How to Audition for Netflix In this blog we’re discussing Netflix, one of the most popular sources for home entertainment that has been around for 25 years. But just encase you don’t know what Netflix is, Netflix Inc. is an…

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5 Great Hydration Tips For Artists

Hydration Is Crucial For Artists When you are a professional artist (actors, dancers, models, singers, etc.), it’s important to do everything you can to help you perform well. Hydration is an important factor in your mental and physical health, what…

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5 Helpful Mental Health Tips

A Path To Better Mental Health We can all agree that accomplishing our goals is a big challenge for most people. Now imagine going through your journey while struggling with mental health issues. Just waking up in the morning with…

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Side Hustle Jobs for Actors

We are a couple of weeks into the new year of 2022.  It’s not the start that we were hoping for with more provincial restrictions in Ontario; however we are optimistic about the year ahead.  Whether you have been in…

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How to Make a KILLER Self-Tape on a Budget

Even before the pandemic hit, more and more casting directors have been asking for self-tape auditions. This video with Krystina Alabado shares what equipment to snag, where to place your reader, how to angle your shot, and more to help…

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