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In the past 30+ years, we have been asked A LOT of questions… and that’s okay! You should be asking questions when seeking to get your child into modeling or acting. Questions like “Where do I Start?” or “How do I know if something is a scam or not?” Modeling and Acting can be a very rewarding and life-changing experience but there are some things you should ask before you get started to ensure your best chance of success in a very competitive industry.

We’ve compiled some of our most asked questions below. If your question isn’t listed , drop us a line and we’ll do what we can to answer it for you.

How do I get my child (Age 3 to Age 12) started?

For children younger then 3 please look to the next question. For children aged 3 years and up you must submit an appointment request form to schedule an appointment on the Contact Us page to be invited to meet with an agent.

Please note that you must live within a two hour drive of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How do I get my baby started?

Carolyn’s Kids is currently NOT accepting babies.

Does my child have what it takes?

A model no longer need to look a specific way. Looks can range from character to cutie. As lifestyles change, so do the trends in advertising, television commercials, print ads and fashion. Socioeconomic trends plays an important role in determining which looks will be in demand. Model & Talent Agents decide who to represent based on their clients current demands.

Judging an individual’s potential for success can be difficult in this field. Often more important than any other physical feature is attitude, personality and a sparkle from within. This will inspire decision makers to book the appropriate model/talent. Everyone has their own look which makes them unique. The modelling field is very diversified and utilizes people of many different looks and talents. Persistence and professionalism are the keys to success.

Does my child require training?

Training is recommended for kids 6 years of age and up who are serious about television and Film otherwise no training is required. Your child’s best training is an outgoing personality and experience gained through school productions and family performances.

Does my child need a portfolio?

No, children do not need a portfolio.

What are signs of a scam?

Be cautious if an agency tells you any of these things listed below.

* “We can guarantee you work”

* “You are exactly what were looking for”

* Babies require professional pictures or portfolios.

What questions should I ask before registering my child with an agency?

* What associations is it members of?

     * What jobs/contracts have the models/talent received?

     * Do agents and bookers from major agencies around the world visit

         looking for new talent?

     * Is there any type of administration fee?

     * What percentage is their commission on bookings?

     * You should feel comfortable with who represents you

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