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How To Prepare Your Child for an Audition: Tips and Tricks to book that job!

So your child has just scored an audition… one thing, it is the next day. While most people would run around in a panic…you’ve got this. We are giving you Carolyn’s top tips to ensure that you and your child arrive prepared and ready to go. Follow these tips in preparation, and they will give you a leg up on booking that job!

  1. Memorize, Memorize, Memorize

Casting directors won’t always give you that much notice when sending you a script, that is just the was the industry is. Everything is last minute. So as a parent you do what you can to ensure your child is prepared. The key to helping your child memorize their script is to make it fun!


  1. Don’t Stress About Clothing!

 This cannot be emphasized enough! Most parents who are new to the industry always think, “What is my child going to wear?” The thing is, the casting directors are not focused on what your child is wearing, but more so the personality of the child!

When dressing your child for an audition, less is more! Stick to basic pieces like a plain neutral colored shirt (NO sparkles NO logos!) . You do not want your child’s outfit to be distracting from his or her talent . It is also important to never come to an audition in costume of the role, unless told to do so otherwise by the casting director.


  1. Master On Camera Etiquette

When it is your child’s turn turn to go on camera, they will most often be going in front of the casting director alone. Therefore, it is important that you teach your child how to slate properly and always. Always have your child slate their full name, their age and their agency.

For example your child would go on camera and say “ Hi, my name is Joe I am 10 years old and I am with Carolyns”. After your child slates their information, wait for the director to give the child instructions and then proceed.


  1. Make it a Fun Experience!

An important factor in the commercial industry is that it is fun for your child. No one likes to do anything that they are forced to do, and if you make the experience a fun one as a whole, your child will grow to love going on castings and become excited to do so! Refrain from coaching your child, as well as forcing them. Let your child guide the experience, and keep it exciting and they will deliver!



  1. Make sure that your child is feeling their best!

A big don’t is bringing an overly hyper child or an overly tired child to an audition. As well as, if your child is ill, it is best to not bring them into the audition if they are not feeling their best. Call your agent and inform them of the situation…. We promise they will not be mad. It is better to let your agent know that your child is sick in advance, then to show up at the casting with your child completely out of it.



  1. Less Coaching is more                                                                                                                                                                           One of the worst things you can do is to coach or scold your child at a casting or audition, especially in front of a casting director. Not only is it unprofessional, it distracts your child and brings down their courage. Casting directors want your child to be at their full potential, and coaching will crush their spirits. There is a difference in guiding your child in the right direction when rehearsing their lines and coaching them. Step back and let your child’s personality shine in the audition.
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