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Its’ Relaxing Time!

Its’ relaxing time! Finally!

Now that fall is approaching and kids are back to school the stress of the season begins!   Parents really need an award for taking kids to auditions, dance class, hockey, music lessons and more!

Moms deserve time to de-stress! I personally like to take an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salts contain magnesium which helps the body de-stress and helps your muscles relax. Epsom salts contain over 300 Enzymes and helps to improve sleep, flush toxins and soothe sore muscles! One of my favourite products is Dr. Teals. The smell of lavender really soothes me and I enjoy it so much!

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 Take time for yourself and run the bath add about  one cup of Epsom salts and some of your favourite essential oils.  My favourite is Lavender which helps relax your mind!  I also keep lavender essential oil in my car as well for those stressful drives! Just drop a few drops on a cotton ball and put under the seat in the car! Smells wonderful! Make yourself a nice cup of chamomile tea and enjoy,  Chamomile helps to relax you and helps you get a good night sleep, it also helps to relax a sore stomach and helps ease anxiety!

Dads need to relax! They need a few hours to just think about nothing! Dads, whatever you find to be relaxing and stress free do it! If you find having a nice family dinner out, a few hours spent with friends, going to the gym, reading a book, playing some games, and heck even taking a few hours to “spa day” your self. Do it!

Readin Book gym

Having a stress relief activity can help in so many areas of your life. It will relax your muscles, ease your mind, and clear your thoughts. You will come back feeling ready to conquer the world!It’s your time to enjoy and take some time for yourself! Its’ Relaxing Time!  Reflect on today and enjoy tomorrow as I always say “Tomorrow is a brand new day”!

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