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Modern Trends in Fashion That Will Last for the Next 5 Years

The world as we know it has changed in the last couple of years. We have always noticed a change in fashion trends, but nowadays they remain pretty stable over time. Because of the pandemic, the fashion industry has experienced a drastic change. Suddenly, bars, clubs, and restaurants have been closed. No one was traveling anywhere because all events around the world were canceled. There were no galas, no movie premieres, no weddings, no anything. People were forced to spend more time inside as their homes became their new offices. And so, along with these changes, it changed the way people dress too.

As everything started happening inside, the interest and concern for how you dress have been reduced to a minimum. All meetings with friends, co-workers, or collaborators have happened through online Zoom meetings. No one is seeing you working in your pajamas or other comfortable clothes because you are in your own home. Not being allowed to go out means that you do not have to bother and think about how to combine different clothing pieces so that they go well together.

Well, even though this was the new way of dressing for the last year, as the vaccine becomes widely available, we have a chance to return to the world how it was before. Even though there is still a long way to go until that, people are slowly returning to offices and events are being organized. Even though there still are physical distancing restrictions, smaller events, galas, and weddings take place across all countries. So, the interest in the fashion industry is slowly recovering, with people being more aware of their outfits.

In this article, we will take an inclusive and well-researched approach to the current modern trends in fashion. As 2020 was a year when few things happened, people are coming out of it a little bit confused. The fashion industry has tried to keep up the pace with the state of the world, so fashion trends evolve and change.

But some of them will last for the next 5 years, which means that some clothes and accessories will not go out of trend in the following time. But not only the pandemic is the only factor that has influenced the trends within the fashion industry. So, we think that it is important to shed more light on how the clothing trends are influenced by various factors and which are the ones that will stay with us for the next 5 years at least.

About Fashion Trends

Many people think about fashion and imagine only clothes. But fashion is much more than this. Yes, it is about clothes, but also about accessories, shoes, and even hairstyles. Fashion is something that has existed forever and it has evolved and developed continuously. If you take a look at the ’60s or ’70s fashion you will see people dressing very differently.

There might be fashion items that are returning to trends, but most of them are characteristic to those periods. Fashion trends change over time and this is because people are changing too. The environment and society we live in change too, so people are adapting to these changes. And so do all the industries, especially the fashion one. The artists we listen to, the movies we watch, the athletes we admire, everything is changing.

And, naturally, fashion designers are launching new fashion pieces every year. And for people to buy those items, they need to appeal to them, they need to be relevant and to fit their desires.

But which are the current factors that are influencing the development of fashion trends? The first one is, of course, the world pandemic that changed the lifestyle of all people. And as events are being organized, they are slowly returning to their previous lifestyles. Because people spend so much time inside, they have developed a love for comfortable and cozy clothes. The same is valid for shoes and accessories. What people want from fashion has changed, which gave rise to modern trends in fashion that will last for the next five years.

The second important factor that is influencing the fashion industry is our planet. The fashion industry is one of the industries that through their activity are putting a toll on the health of the Planet. The fashion industry is adding into the atmosphere more greenhouse gas emissions than international flights and maritime shipping together. And this happens yearly. The fashion industry has become more aware of its impact on the environment, so it is moving towards eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, and establishing trends that will last for the next 5 years.

So, now that we have a clearer idea of how fashion trends evolve and which are the main factors that are influencing its evolution nowadays, we can move to the next topic. If you are wondering which are the modern trends in fashion that will be in trends in the next few years, read on to discover more. We will delve into some fashion pieces that will be in style.


It seems that jeans will never go out of style. Of course, there are many jeans styles you can choose from bell-bottomed, low or high rise, and even flared jeans. However, each of these types of jeans is characteristic to a specific time, so maybe you are wondering which of them will be in style in the next five years. Well, it seems that the retro and disco vibes are slowly returning to fashion, so flared jeans will be back in style.

And not only jeans but also other types of trousers will be in trend for the next five years. Comfortable fabrics such as cotton will be the most popular ones, as they are so cozy and make you feel relaxed and great. Flared pants and bell-bottomed ones will slowly return to the trends. If you take a look at what fashion designers are announcing for the next year, comfort and coziness are the priorities.

Collars and Bows

Even though some people might think that old fashion trends cannot return to the present world, well, they are wrong. This is because there has been a slow but steady return of some fashion or design items that were popular quite a few years ago. Among these are the impressive collars and bows, that add a touch of femininity.

At the same time, they give you an old and retro vibe, but with a modern twist. As we are experiencing a comeback of some fashion details from the ’70s, they are adapted to the current state of the world. For example, the street style is one of the fashion trends that is gaining more momentum as the years pass, so these huge and elegant collars and bows are already beautifully integrated. You can get a stylish and trendy outfit, yet adding a touch of femininity and some retro vibes.

Floral Prints

Well, we cannot say that floral prints represent a new fashion trend, but they are likely to stay with us for more than the next five years. The thing is, in floral design, you can always come up with new models and prints. Fashion designers are taking their inspiration from nature.

There are almost 400,000 flower species in the world. Out of these, 94% are flowering plants, so there are quite a few muses to take inspiration from. Floral design adds a touch of color and vibrancy to your outfit, and they are so versatile. So, they will surely be in trends in the next five years.


Well, some might think that crochet is something old that will never be trendy again. However, important figures in the fashion industry such as Miu Miu and Fendi have already launched crochet garments for women. You can now wear crochet clothes and look stylish and modern. They are also comfortable and cozy, so they seem to meet the expectations and desires of people nowadays.

The Androgynous Style

Even though for some of you it may seem odd, the androgynous style has become to emerge a few years back. Do you remember the fashion trend with boyfriend jeans? There were a lot of women wearing loose jeans and they were quite a fit. Since then, the fashion industry has begun to investigate what men and women are wearing.

In our societies, there is a traditional idea of what men and women should wear. Well, as the last years have been marked by increased awareness of what does it mean to be a man and a woman and what you identify with, the androgynous style began to gain more shape. Breaking apart social norms is something that we will witness more and more, and one of the industries we will see this change in is the fashion industry.

Keeping away from traditional norms is something that will last for the next five years and the androgynous style will do this too. This means that in the next few years we will see more bold and creative clothing pieces both for men and women.

Tailored Suits

Well, as the androgynous style is gaining more momentum, we will see many modern trends changes that will stay with us for the next years. And one of these trends is that of tailored suits. They become a stylish and elegant choice both during the day and the night. There are many models you can choose from, as the experts from Ninjaessay highlight.

You will mostly see tailored suits without a specific waistline, and this is the effect of another factor that has influenced the development of modern trends. The thing that every brand was promoting only clothes for skinny women was highlighted over the years. Nowadays, fashion designers and brands offer options for every woman, no matter their body shape.

Oversized Style

As highlighted above, the last years have been marked by the emergence of the body-positive movement. As there are many fashion shows and shops, the women that usually advertise the new collections are skinny. Which puts pressure on women who do not look like them to give up weight.

However, many of these women might have health issues that prevent them from losing weight. At the same time, every woman should feel good in their body, which is exactly what the body-positive movement is about.

As there was an increase in mental health issues in the last period, among which depression, anxiety, or anorexia, the birth of oversize style has begun. It has been trendy for quite some time already and it will likely stay with us for the next five years. This style is among the nicest ones because it encourages women to feel better with the body shape they have and pay less attention to it.


As there is more light shed on the industry of fast fashion which is polluting the environment more and more, people become more aware of their fashion choices. This gave rise to many artisans and handmade fashion businesses that offer unique pieces too. There are many handmade accessories you can choose from, from bags to wallets and so on.

Apart from these, the jewelry sector is also changed by the emergence of the handmade style, which is more and more interesting and appealing. As we are only experiencing its birth, the handmade and artisan-style will be in trends for sure for the next five years.


Many factors are influencing the development and evolution of the fashion industry. The most important of them are the world pandemic and the increased awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. If you did not know what modern trends in fashion will be stylish in the next five years, we hope we have answered your question. Some clothing pieces will never go out of trends, so having them in your wardrobe is a winning choice.


Bio lines: Charles Normandin writes unique articles for He is a professional in writing unique texts and also speaks 3 languages at a high level. He is fond of volunteering, drawing, and rock climbing. In his view, days spent helping animals at the shelter make their life better. Meet him on Twitter @Charles60104524.


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