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Recent Carolyn's Kids Bookings!

Recent Carolyn’s Kids Bookings!

☆ Congratulations to the adorable Trinity H of Carolyn’s kids on her recent print booking. We can’t wait to see how it turns out Trinity! We’re sure you had lots of fun and looked fantastic! ☆
Trinity H

☆ Can’t stop won’t stop! The Kids I tell ya THE KIDS! They are hard workers and we got a cute one here! Congratulations to Alaina C on her recent print booking! We hope you had lots of fun! ☆
Alaina C

☆ The face, those cheeks, the eyes….GOOD GOD she is so cute! I just wanna pinch….well everything! So cute! Linda Y of Carolyn’s kids department had a recent book cover shooting! Congratulations Linda and family! We hope you had lots of fun that day! ☆
Linda Y


☆ THE KIDS! I Told you they worked hard, we have another wonderfully talented kid, Tiana R of Carolyn’s kids department recently booked a print job for a major company! Keep up the fantastic work Tiana! You’ve been doing amazing lately! ☆
Tiana R


☆ A BIG congratulations to Daniel-Anthony F of Carolyn’s Kids department on landing an amazing booking! Daniel-Anthony has an actors role on a well known television musical! We are so excited to see you in action, I know here at Carolyn’s we have about ZERO rhythm hehe. Great work Daniel-Anthony! ☆
Daniel-Anthony F

This is a very special Congratulations to our newest star on the Carolyn’s roster. Zara and her parents came in to meet with me on Wed. They registered little Zara and before even leaving the parking lot, we already had an audition for her in a major commercial. She got the job and her family is ecstatic! It doesn’t always happen this fast but for Zara it did…so I wanted to share. Congratulations Zara, much more success to come.

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