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Skin Care Tips

So many women as they age complain that their skin becomes drier and tired looking!
There are some great tips and tricks that help you look and feel healthier and less tired.
Upon waking up in the morning have a cup of warm water and one half of a fresh lemon, drink this every day to help your liver detoxify your body!
You can use a gentle sugar scrub to help rejunivate and exfoliate  to help remove old skin cells.   I make my own with 1 tsp sugar and my favourite facial cleanser.
Next step is to use a gentle moisturizer to minimize the look of wrinkles. You should always use moisturizer on your face and your neck every day!  I sometimes use coconut oil! Make sure you use a concealer under your eyes that matches your skin tone!   Do not apply to much!
Then apply makeup as usual and enjoy your day!

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