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Talent Satisfaction

We wanted to share this email we got from one of our talents parents. Here at Carolyn’s we take pride in making sure that everyone involved in the process of getting registered is happy. If it’s for your son/daughter or even for yourself, we make sure to listen and communicate with our talent so everyone is on the same page.
When we get an email message such as this it brings big smiles to everyone here at Carolyn’s.
“I just had to write you this morning and tell you again how much I appreciate all that Carolyn’s does and stands for.
When I got Bellas proofs last night I was blown away at not only the beauty of the shots but what struck me most was how classy and appropriate the pictures are. And it hit me.
The Carolyns difference is how you represent the clients.
I have many friends who’ve put their daughters in modelling with different agents. And I am often disturbed by the sexiness and inappropriateness of some of those shots. I think to myself how can a parent allow their 13 or 15 year old to be ‘sold’ or ‘portrayed’ like that.
Everyone of Bellas pictures from yesterday are classy, Age appropriate and very pretty. I am proud to show them to her grandparents. They are that lovely.
Kudos Carolyn’s for keeping it classy and respectful. This industry can go sideways quickly. Girls can be objectified in a heart beat. You hold your expectations to higher level. I really like that.
From one mother to another. Thank you.
With Thanks
Carolyn’s will always strive to achieve the best for our talents and make sure that they feel at home and safe when they register with us.
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