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The Keys To Success In The Biz

The keys to success in the biz is to be pro-active in the industry!   Self tape auditions are becoming a new trend in the industry with technology moving at lightning speeds!   This is a great way for actors to also see the playback of their audition before they send it to the client or agent! Finally talent can practice and improve their craft!

It is competitive today just like any business!   Actors are self employed,  you must have the desire and passion for the industry and never give up!   Remember it is easy to quit!  Quitters never win, and winners never quit!

What makes you stand out?   Training is imperative in this industry, talent cannot sit back and wait for the phone to ring.   They must know how to market themselves and always remain grateful and humble!  Thank the casting director or client after you audition!  Don’t be late, respect their time!  Remember you are there to make a good impression, just be yourself!  Socialize in the industry!  Get out and meet people in the industry!

Let your agent know what you are up too, send them a self tape monologues or commercials periodically.  Keep your agent informed, update your resume, and constantly work on your craft!  To get the part, you must be able to do the audition! Always be polite!

written by: Carolyn Nikkanen  President & Ceo/ Talent Agent


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