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Time to De-Stress

Have you ever wondered what we did without cell phones and social media?  Well when I started my business there was no internet.   You had to pick up the phone and call someone, or write a letter or send a postcard when you went away. It was much easier to take time to de-stress!
 Today’s society  has created a society in which people communicate mostly through text and email.   I love social media and the internet,  anything you need you can find and always keep in touch with family and friends.
I truly believe it is so important to take the special holiday and go off the grid.  Turn the cell phone off and the internet and just enjoy your surroundings!   So many of us get so caught up in keeping in touch and really have trouble being away from our phone and social media.  Sometimes being off the grid can cause us a lot of stress that we don’t realize.
We need to take a day or a few hours just to relax and enjoy!  So many of us are so guilty of checking our emails or text before we even say good morning to our loved ones! Take some time to just shut everything off even it is just for an hour!  Take that hot bath relax without the phone or computer and breathe and De-Stress.
Everyone needs to take a break to be able to enjoy your surroundings and pick up the phone and talk to a friend!  Those days are slowly disappearing.   So many times I have gone out for dinner and  I see families texting and not speaking with each other!
Remember to take some time to enjoy every moment and talk to one another!   Life is an amazing journey, we are so fortunate to have social media to be able to share our memories and keep in touch with family and friends.
However it is a true blessing to be able to speak with our loved ones, friends and family, we must always cherish those moments and make them special!
Time to De-Stress

Take time to enjoy the scenery.

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