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Top 5 Ways for Actors to Clean Up Their Social Media

The Spring is the perfect time for Spring Cleaning, so we have come up with our top five ways for actors to clean up their social media.

Pick Your Platforms Based on your Career Goals

Think about the platforms that you are on.  Why are you using them?  Will being on that platform help you reach your career goals? Do the industry professionals that you have worked with or want to work with spend time there? If you are on a show, do your fans spend time there?  Is it a platform that you enjoy?

Do an Audit of Your Social Media Bios

Is the information in your bio current and relevant? Does it reflect who you are today? A professional bio is your introduction into the world, so you want to ensure that it highlights your strengths, talent passion and uniqueness. Use keywords like #Actor or #Voiceover in your bio.  Make sure that any links are working and not broken.

Profile Photo

Use your current head shot or a professional photo on all of your platforms.  It is important for consistency and brand recognition. Remember, you are your brand.

Check your Photo Tags

It is important to regularly check photos that you are tagged in.  Untag any photos that don’t show your best self. Remember, your agents, directors and producers will be checking your social media before choosing you for a role.

Clean Up Your Follow Lists

Take a look at who you are following and see if they are people that you should still be connected with.  Unfollow accounts that you are no longer interested in.

Highlight your accomplishments with your posts, keep your posts positive and engaging and have fun with it!


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