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Health isn’t just about your physical health, but your mental and spiritual health too. If you wake up most mornings feeling rather tired and in need of a visit to the spa, then your health has been compromised on multiple fronts. If you feel the need to take coffee or something caffeinated to properly get through your day, then you need to do much more than lay off the coffee. Quick fixes rarely fix anything quickly. Sometimes they don’t fix things at all.

In this article, we’ll take a more holistic approach to health, with tips on how you can be healthier and happier, on all fronts. It all starts with how you manage your energy. It’s a finite resource, like most other resources in the universe. Every day you start out with a fixed amount of energy to use, and the exact amount depends on who you are, as well as a bunch of other factors, like your lifestyle, medical conditions, stress levels, how much sleep you got, and even how old you are. Different activities you partake in throughout the day withdraw some energy from your energy account, and some may even make deposits. The bad news is that you don’t always have control over the withdrawal transactions. Much of the things that take our energy are beyond our control. The good news, however, is that you have full control over the transactions that deposit energy into your account, and those are the ones we shall focus on today.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet

It all starts with what you allow to go into your stomach. The food you eat isn’t just going to help you lose weight, even though that’s the primary context within which diet is spoken about these days. A balanced diet with adequate proportions of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and even low-fat dairy will provide you with the energy you need to get through the day. Go for nutrient-dense natural foods, such as leafy vegetables and frozen fruits, lean protein like fish, and plant protein like legumes. Also, don’t forget to get enough carbs via rice or pasta to get easily accessible energy.

Sleep at least 7 hours every night

This is a habit many people skimp on, and yet it is among the most important. The average person needs at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night to have optimal energy levels the next day. Think about the things that disrupt your sleep and how you can eliminate them. Depriving yourself of enough sleep isn’t just about ensuring you have lots of energy the next day; sleep deprivation can have serious health consequences. By prioritizing your sleep, you’re both avoiding certain kinds of failure and boosting your chances of success the next day.

Stay around good people

This isn’t about making moral judgments on people, but about which people you actually enjoy spending time with. Connecting with people who support you, radiate positive energy, and have similar interests as you can infuse you with energy. On the other hand, people with negative perspectives or who you don’t relate with can drain you and cause you to make poor life choices. Be very picky about who you give your time and attention to.

Be careful with how much news you take in

The news plays a vital role in our lives. For many, it is the primary means by which to stay up to date on what is going on in the world. Sometimes it can even be uplifting. Unfortunately, however, much news is negative, anger-inducing, and even disheartening. Much of it is also biased – designed to give us a single worldview, which isn’t always accurate. Try to minimize your exposure to the news, especially during stressful times, as it can only serve to make things worse.

Exercise regularly

If you find yourself feeling tired and lazy before the day is even half done, or having difficulty performing even the simplest tasks, it could be that you’re not getting enough exercise. Exercising regularly, as counterintuitive as it sounds, actually adds energy to your energy account, rather than withdrawing it. Exercise relieves tension, and makes stress go away. It improves your endurance and strengthens your muscles, which helps you stay upbeat and perform physical tasks more easily.

Do something that aligns with your goals every day

Whatever your passions or talents are, do something related to them every day. Doing something you enjoy, or something that gets you closer to achieving your goals, even something as simple as listening to your favorite song or reading your favorite essay papers, can make a world of difference. This helps you use your energy in a positive way and makes your days feel more meaningful.

Be compassionate with others

This is more of an energy conservation technique. Think good things about others, and try to be kind whenever you give your attention to others. When your eyes meet with a stranger’s, make sure to smile. Do something kind and generous to at least one person daily. Try to avoid judging others as much as you can. It drains you far more than you might think


By following the above tips, you should see your health improve on multiple fronts. You will also generally be happier, or at least your days will be more peaceful. Ultimately, the only thing you have control over in your life is your attitude, but that’s more than enough.

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John Peterson is a journalist with 4 years’ experience working for the Best Essay Writing Service in the UK. He is a professional mini-tennis player and has written a novel, “His Heart”. 

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