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Voice Acting for Beginners

So you want to get into voice acting for beginners, here are some helpful tips to help you get started in the amazing industry of voice over acting!

Many beginners ask the question how to I get into voice acting, where do I begin! Here are some helpful tips to help you get started in this exciting world of voice overs.

The most important thing you can do is to start by making a goal that you know you can accomplish! The next step is to start putting that goal into action! Practice your acting chops! Learn how to express yourself on camera, before getting onto that microphone!  Ask yourself what makes my voice special?  Remember you should be very versatile in voice over acting.  You must constantly work on your craft!  The most important thing you can do for yourself is take some voice over classes and get a professional demo done!   You must always be professional to be taken seriously in this industry.    You must have an excellent voice demo that will express your craft and style.

A good place to start with classes and a professional demo is to visit  Voice works is one of the best places in Toronto to help you get started with voice classes and putting your voice demo together.

It is important to have a lot of variety in your voice demo.  This will enable your agent to submit you for various projects. Remember clients are looking for some type of character in your voice! There are all kinds of voice over actors, from Announcers, Story teller, Sportscasters, Cartoons, Narrator etc.

Marketing yourself and also presenting your  Voice over demo to an agent is the best way you can promote yourself to the clients.  You can also post some of your voice demos on You tube!    Make sure you work on those no pay or low paying jobs to help you gain experience and confidence in the industry! It is so important to be persistent and don’t give up, remember success was not built overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and determination!   Always be professional! Last of all have fun!





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