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Why a Slate Shot is Important

Are you finding that you are not getting contacted for auditions?  Bring your personality to the party!  Slate shots are the way to do it.  We cannot stress enough the importance of  a slate shot!  If you want to get noticed, you MUST  do this and attach to your default photo, or do a couple and attach to all your photos on Actors Access!  THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT!  Casting Directors are looking for them.

“Just my 2 cents – I am looking at them more and more (for those who have them)  I can get a better sense-vibe-etc. Especially those who aren’t getting into the room a lot, I strongly suggest it as it’s become a very valuable tool for me. I would highly encourage actors to use this feature.”  Steven Mann & Sarah Sheps, Mann Casting.

Click on the link to see an example of a slate shot done in our studio: Simon Maron Slate Shot

For those of you that are having trouble doing a slate shot, we have people that can help.  Starting on Wednesday October 19th and each subsequent Wednesday, in the studio across the hall from Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency in our Mississauga location, you can get professional slate shots done at a reasonable cost paid directly to the studio. Email to book a Wednesday appointment for your slate shot in Mississauga.

If you are closer to Toronto, Casting Central is also doing slate shots.  Call 416 921 1489 to book an appointment with them!

Please bring a USB stick that the technician can save the slate shot files to for you.  If you want to get noticed before you even get in the room, make sure that you have a current slate shot uploaded to your profile.  

Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to upload your slate shot to your Actors Access profile!

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