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Why Acting Classes Are Important

Acting Classes Are Important

Perhaps you’re reading this blog because you stumbled upon this web page while taking a break from your multi-million dollar acting career while surfing the web. Or, maybe the more likely story is that whatever you do for a living is really just a means to an end. A job that pays those pesky bills that never seems to go away. But deep down in the nether regions of your soul, you have been contemplating the crazy notion of becoming an actor. Well, if the later reason is what motivated you to read this blog we want you to recognize why acting classes are important.

Pursuing your interest in an acting career is a huge step in your life and building a profession out of it will not be easy. Acting classes are extremely important and will give you the necessary tools you need to find solid, long term work in one of the toughest industries. You have probably been pondering the idea of becoming an actor for a long time and maybe also been wondering if acting classes are even important. The answer is yes, acting classes are important and can also be expensive. So now you’re scratching your head and asking yourself, “Is it worth it to join an acting class?”

The answer again is yes, acting classes are most definitely worth the price for many reasons and one of those reasons is that acting classes provide great feedback. The type of feedback you may never get, if you never invested in learning the art of acting. Sure, researching and educating your self is much better than nothing (kind of like what you’re doing now) but you will never get feedback from playing batman alone at home. Being open to critique is crucial for an actor and getting applause from even the smallest audience feels good, and is also another form of feedback (you’re crushing it batman!).

Sure, there are a chosen few people who landed their dream acting jobs without attending an acting class. But there is no denying that acting classes are important. You will progress, refine and maintain your skills much better in the environment of acting classes. Acting classes are important, even for people with experience. But those of us with little to no experience will learn, especially through the discomfort when joining an acting class. It will force you to think, to reflect, to look deep within yourself and be forced to push boundaries you may never thought possible. You will get regular feedback to hone your skills and techniques.

Acting classes are important and will continue to be crucial far into your acting career. Acting classes will help you communicate more effectively and authentically. Yes, “authentically” (it wasn’t a typo). Once you have mastered the art of acting, it teaches you what authenticity truly means and helps you to be your authentic self outside of the acting class, and off stage.

Another important reason why acting classes are important is it helps build confidence. Confidence is an actor’s biggest asset. This single quality can often make or break your auditions and too many broken auditions will lead to many roles of you playing batman by yourself in your basement (oops, another batman reference, sorry). If you are the type of person who is uncomfortable when asked to read a monologue, guess what you need my friend? If you guessed acting classes, you got it right! Taking acting classes will help you open up to your coach and peers, and helps you work on your insecurities.

Acting classes help you work on certain tactics that make a successful actor like maintaining eye contact while speaking, body language and maintaining a good posture while performing. Acting classes help you feel confident in your own skin regardless the type of insecurities you may be dealing with and helps you perform to the best of your abilities.

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Some facts to remember why acting classes are important.

Acting classes provide excellent feedback.
Great for networking, because acting classes are a great way to meet people.
Acting classes are actually therapeutic, takes your mind of your worries and helps relieve stress.
Lessons in acting help people be more comfortable with vulnerability.
Acting classes help build your confidence.
Helps you communicate professionally and effectively.

The Truth About Acting Classes
Kurt Yue | Founder of The Acting Career Center

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