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You have an Audition Now What ?

So you have an audition, now what?

Acting is a very competitive business, so when you get an audition they have chosen you to audition out of many submissions for the casting.

It is so important to arrive early for your audition, dress appropriately, if you are auditioning for a doctor, look like a doctor. If you are auditioning for a construction worker, dress the part! Make sure you sign in or let them know when you arrive for your audition.

Many auditions will have script! Your agent will send you sides, make sure you memorize and know your lines! Don’t be nervous! Just be yourself! Remember the casting director auditions many actors for the role, you want them to take notice of you! Make sure you know how to do a great slate “Name and Agency”.

Always be polite to everyone, you never know who you are talking to! They could be the client, even on the street, so be polite to everyone!

Make sure you do not smell like cigarette smoke, do not chew gum, be clean and neat!

Don’t ruin your chances by talking to much to everyone! Remember you are there to audition and do a great job!

Be professional, you are representing your agency and yourself! Congratulate yourself on a great audition!

The agent will only call you if you get the part!

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